“Hello, my love—I’m so gd you’re here.”

Highly dedicated and passionate, Arika Modupe’ Trimnell is a spiritual and mindfulness professional who aims to help others heal from the past, align with the present, and surface profound clarity to build a wonderful, empowering future. As the founder of Prism Vibes, Arika has an extensive background when it comes to religious teachings, inner activation, and soul realignment and enjoys leveraging that to guide purpose seekers just like you towards living a life filled with purpose and happiness.

Growing up with instilled compassion and a unique life perspective, Arika discovered early that true manifestations stemmed from deeply connecting with the inner soul. But what really jumpstarted her spiritual journey was when she created her own religion at the age of 12 called “Everythingism.” This came about when Arika chose to broaden her Christian lens and see firsthand how similar the diverse religious practices across Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam actually were. This eye-opener became the catalyst for Arika to earn her Bachelor’s degree in biology and gain several certifications, including life coaching, reiki, and mindfulness, and launch Prism Vibes in 2019 to influence the divine mind, body, and soul awakening.

As a devoted mystic transformationalist, nothing makes Arika happier than supporting others in cultivating a quality life filled with ignited purpose, passion, and fulfillment. She wholeheartedly loves what she does and finds so much joy in delivering advanced soul harmonization services that promote inner strength, resilience, and wisdom, all of which enable those who work with her the opportunity to conquer any obstacle within the 3D world. Overall, Arika believes people are their own guru, and there are multiple paths you can take to uncover and ignite your internal power to break past mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks. And when you are ready to find that hidden flame, Arika will be there to help you every step of the way so you can become your greatest self.

Arika is fully dedicated to helping others uncover and ignite their internal power. She dreams of a world where everyone is operating their purpose and creating a life for themselves that is better than they imagined. Because of this, it inspired Arika to write an upcoming children’s book that introduces kids to their own powers through the chakras and obtain her Master’s degree in Public Health so she can use that knowledge to create life-changing theory-based programs. Additionally, she seeks to earn a Doctorate in Health Psychology to provide more data on the importance of spirituality as a public health foundation.

Committed to helping you prioritize

Committed to helping you prioritize, achieve, and maintain your optimal health.

Devoted to helping

Devoted to helping you connect or reconnect to those that matter the most.

We believe abundance

We believe abundance is your birthright, should you want it.

Dedicated to helping

Dedicated to helping equip your mind to shatter limiting patterns and find personal freedom.

Committed to helping

Committed to helping you find what sets your soul on fire, connecting your talents and passions as you create a legacy.

We believe that in changing your world

We believe that in changing your world, you will help change the world of others around you for the better

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